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Granada Doaba & Kanan - "ABCs" [mp3]

El Canyonazo's first smashie since "Emergency Xxplosives." Vocals from Knaan's "ABCS" + instrumental from Granada Doaba's "La Senda del Abuelo

Download the mp3 and check out the video.

Kaya - "Metaform Crush" (Remix) [mp3]

The producer Metaform is working with Gnotes and Elemental Zazen on both of their upcoming albums, but this here's just a likkle bootlegd remix of his track "Crush" by new Gnawledge artist Kaya, a French MC based in Granada (Spain)

Download the mp3 and check out Kaya in concert with the Mighty Om [video].

Elemental Zazen - "Machine" [mp3]

The lead single from The Glass Should Be Full (release: May 20, 2008), "Machine" was produced by Elemental Zazen and features Gnotes on the guitar and bass.

Download the mp3 and read the lyrics.

Gnotes - Granada Freestlyle [mp3]

A crew of Granada's finest MC's welcomed Gnotes to Spain with a tri-lingual house party yesterday.  Jet-lag be damned, here's Gnotes on the mic freestlying in Spain with a pair of local MCs, Yanng and Doble Jotambulo.

Elemental Zazen - No Survivors (Live)

Pirated video from Elemental Zazen's recent concert at The Middle East (Downstairs) in Cambridge MA, featuring Gnotes on guitar, Todd Thurheimer on the bass, KEH on drums and DJ Slipwax.

Both tracks will appear on Zazen's upcoming album The Glass Should Be Full.

Gnotes - "Missin You" (Video)

From Gnotes' Rhymes And Beats, "Missin You" was co-produced by Gnotes and El Canyonazo, featuring Afro DZ ak on keys. The music video was filmed in London UK, directed by Francisco Saco for Prade Films.

Afro DZ ak - Elevation [ft. Mooks]

"Beautiful Story" -- Afro DZ ak's regal trumpet opus from Gnotes' Inthrumental -- only showed the half. Afro DZ ak's solo debut Elevation (release Fall 2008) will showcase the full range of his diverse talents as an MC and multi-instrumentalist.

"Elevation" was produced by Afro DZ ak and features a guest appearance from his younger brother Mooks.

Gnotes - "Throw Your Nickels Up" (Video)

From Gnotes' Rhymes And Beats, "Throw Your Nickels Up" was co-produced by Gnotes and El Canyonazo, featuring Gnotes on guitar.

Download the mp3 + read the lyrics